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When is the best time to ski in the Lyngen?

This year we’ve had an unreal early season with some of the best skiing in November we’ve had for several years. Though our snowpack isn’t as deep early in the season and the days are quite short, the light is beautiful. The sun has set now and won’t rise until the end of January, but we are hopeful for some great days skiing under the northern lights!

While we are guiding some days and teaching avalanche courses in December and January, we don’t really begin our ski weeks until February. Personally, February is my favorite month to ski in Lyngen and Tromsø. Though the days little colder and shorter than later in the season, we often have the mountains completely to ourselves and we have a better chance of skiing powder and seeing the northern lights when the nights are clear.

There is no doubt that March, April and May are the most is the popular months for ski touring in Lyngen! It’s that perfect time of year when we have lots of daylight and a deep snowpack all the way down to the sea. By the middle of May the Snowpack begins to creep up the mountains but with 24 hours of sunlight we have plenty of time to hike our skis up to the snow line for those who want to ski until the beginning of June.

In other news we are excited to announce some changes heading into the 2020 season. We are happy to be expanding alongside with Lyngen Experience. In addition to professional guides with local knowledge we have more accommodation options and more capacity. If you are interested in booking a ski week, ski weekend, or some days skiing by boat we are looking forward to hearing from you.

This photo was taken at midday while on a skitour this November. Though the days are short, the arctic light is beautiful. Photo: Vegard Rye

Northern Lights over russelvfjellet. A ski week in February is the best time to combine good skiing and northern lights. Photo: Kjetil Skogli

Powder skiing on Storgalten in the end of March. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Summer skiing on Russelvfjellet. Depending on our snow year our season can last until early June. Photo: Finn Hovem

Lyngen ski week

Our 14th ski season in the Lyngen alps is just around the corner and our ski weeks is custom made for groups of friends at all ski levels. How does it work? Well, you just send a request from the contact page by mail and together we fit your group into the calendar for next season. Our groups stay in private comfortable chalets and you will have a locally experienced  professional IFMGA mountain guide. High season prime time is March, April and May up here and if planning a head there might be a slot for your group in the calendar. 

All types of terrain is the essence of the Lyngen alps. Together with your guide you plan each day according to snow conditions and group motivation. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Sea backdrop when skiing the classic Storgalten and most tours do actually guarantee a great sea view! Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Skiing with Ascent Descent “The Lyngen Mountain Guides” means that you have a private boat at your service when it clears. Here is a picture with the Lyngen alps as a back drop when out with the boat. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Decision making in avalanche terrain

In the end of January 2018 we run a very special avalanche course for any skier to join. High lighting “decision making in avalanche terrain” we hope to make it interesting for skiers at all levels and aspiring ski mountaineers. Bringing in top names as Markus Landrø and Ptor Spricenieks we make sure to give huge value for money and a real kick-start to the season up here. Both inspirational and packed with learning we hope for full house as the Lyngen prime time season will be just around the corner. Please check out the program under “Events” and please send a mail for taking part or ask questions about the weekend.


Markus Landrø will be part of the team trying to answer the “go or no go” question during the last weekend of January. Photo: Sindre Thoresen Lønnes

Workshop – “Decisions in Avalanche Terrain”

Welcome to the Northern Lyngen alps and Ascent Descents “Learning from the Legends” weekend 2018. A memorable event and course with avalanche terrain management and inspiration in focus. Two evenings with lectures, slide shows and two days on the mountain with certified Mountain Guides and special guests. It´s one of our few “open” events during the winter so it´s a good opportunity to meet other skiers from the area and future ski buddies. 

This weekend we focus on “the skiers” approach in avalanche terrain but will also run a detailed search and rescue exercise and explain avalanches and why they occur.

Instructors at this point:

Ptor Spricenieks – World wide ski mountaineer 

Photo: Scott Winn

Ptor is a passionate ski mountaineer and even if not fully certified IFMGA guide he´s been guiding in the back country in remote places of the planet since 17 years. He has also worked with avalanche control in Gulmarg. He will share his thoughts on the mountain as well as in the evenings. Ptor Lives in La Grave and it´s a great honor to have him listed for this event. If you live in the Tromsø area this is a chance not to be missed… Please check out the Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJq57RonNOE

Markus Landrø – IFMGA Mountain Guide and avalanche guru

Photo: Sindre Thoresen Lønnes

Markus is one of the leading avalanche workers in Europe and is part of the team who developed the Norwegian Avalanche forecasting system VARSOM.NO. Educated IFMGA guide and author of the very recognized avalanche handbook “Skredfare” (avalanche danger in Norwegian) he will contribute with huge knowledge and we are very proud to have him on the team for this weekend.  Markus will join us in the evenings and be one of the instructors on the mountain. 

Jimmy Halvardsson – IFMGA Mountain guide 

A sunny day in the lyngen alps about to “rip the skins” before heading off to the fjords down below.

Founder of Ascent Descent “The Lyngen Mountain Guides”. Dynafit ambassador and Mountain guide since 12 years in Scandinavia, The Alps and Japan. Avalanche worker at Regobs/Varsom.  Will share his thoughts about risk management and local tweaks and tips to get the most out of the Lyngen alps.

SO, if having fun on the mountain and chill out in the sauna or jacuzzi before listening to some really interesting lectures in the evenings sounds like your thing please send a mail to ascentdescent@gmail.com for info and booking.


Accommodation, Food, Guiding/Instruction, Bed linen/Towels, Event (Transport will be organized for the ones without vehicles)

4250 Nok/Person


Lyngsalpan Cruise / Ascent Descent Ski Lodge in Nord Lenangen, The Lyngen alps.


Lyngen spring season

It´s mid May and finally the spring has arrived with warmer temperatures and midnight sun just around the corner. The Lyngen alps has bees fantastic lately with a few weeks of perfect weather, powder and great snow coverage down to the shores. For many this is the best time of the year and at the moment we experience the first heavy transformation in the snow pack and it will soon be perfect spring snow lasting well in to June this year. Here is some pictures from one of our days last week!

Great day out in the backyard! Photo: jimmy Halvardsson

Fantastic snow, cold temperatures and long days in the Lyngen alps last week. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Obligatory sea view. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Last sunny slopes back to the shore had great spring snow conditions at the end. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Lyngen prime time and meeting guide colleagues from far away is always fun! Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson