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It´s mid May and finally the spring has arrived with warmer temperatures and midnight sun just around the corner. The Lyngen alps has bees fantastic lately with a few weeks of perfect weather, powder and great snow coverage down to the shores. For many this is the best time of the year and at the moment we experience the first heavy transformation in the snow pack and it will soon be perfect spring snow lasting well in to June this year. Here is some pictures from one of our days last week!

Great day out in the backyard! Photo: jimmy Halvardsson

Fantastic snow, cold temperatures and long days in the Lyngen alps last week. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Obligatory sea view. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Last sunny slopes back to the shore had great spring snow conditions at the end. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Lyngen prime time and meeting guide colleagues from far away is always fun! Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson