Ski the Lyngen alps

Winter is by the doorstep and gradually we fill our Lyngen ski touring season with groups from all over. There is still room in the calendar for 2019 so please don´t hesitate to send us a mail about skiing in the lyngen alps the coming season. We offer all inclusive and customized packages from our location in Nord Lenangen but also have guides available for groups that choose to organize their own trip. It´s hard to beat our set up though:) 

The way up is not only a transport. The scenery is just too good so your head most likely will spin around and check the stunning views. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Many tours are easy to adapt to different levels of skiers. Most of our mountains have good skiing in all aspects and has a wide selection of steepness. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Magic skiing on the island of Arnøya Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

And yes, snow boarders are welcome to. You decide your own group members and level of the group when putting a team together for a visit. We often recommend that you try to keep the level as even as possible. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Time to book your Lyngen ski touring trip

As autumn temperatures starts to set in and our mountain tops gets their first snow we start to get ready for a new ski season in the Lyngen alps. 14th season ahead and we keep improving our concept with ski weeks from private exclusive lodging, ski by boat tours and great tours from the door step in the Northern Lyngen alps. The lyngen alps suits all levels of skiers and our professional mountain guides are locally experienced with multiple seasons in the area. Please send a mail from our contact page or directly at Best regards Jimmy Halvardsson / IFMGA Mountain Guide

The Lyngen alps has something for every sier. Great fjord views, outstanding ski touring for all levels and perfect mountain sides that drop into the sea. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Our snow pack does truly last into mid May. Our season stretches from 15th February – 15th of May.

World class ski mountaineering with huge vertical drop. The Lyngen alps highest mountain is Jiehkkevarri at 1834m. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson


Ski touring in Tromsø

The ski touring season has started for real in Tromsø and The Lyngen alps and today I went out with friends enjoying the fantastic early winter pow. Our avalanche courses has started and the lectures we´ve had this fall has been well visited. It looks great for the season 13/14 and for booking and requesting ski touring and courses all you need to do is to send an email from this form.

Skiing in the forest near Tromsø today

Great skiing in the forest today.

Espen putting his signature in the forest today. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Espen loves the trees!

It´s been snowing constantly for days lately and it looks good for the coming season!

Unfair amounts of snow early this year!