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When is the best time to ski in the Lyngen?

This year we’ve had an unreal early season with some of the best skiing in November we’ve had for several years. Though our snowpack isn’t as deep early in the season and the days are quite short, the light is beautiful. The sun has set now and won’t rise until the end of January, but we are hopeful for some great days skiing under the northern lights!

While we are guiding some days and teaching avalanche courses in December and January, we don’t really begin our ski weeks until February. Personally, February is my favorite month to ski in Lyngen and Tromsø. Though the days little colder and shorter than later in the season, we often have the mountains completely to ourselves and we have a better chance of skiing powder and seeing the northern lights when the nights are clear.

There is no doubt that March, April and May are the most is the popular months for ski touring in Lyngen! It’s that perfect time of year when we have lots of daylight and a deep snowpack all the way down to the sea. By the middle of May the Snowpack begins to creep up the mountains but with 24 hours of sunlight we have plenty of time to hike our skis up to the snow line for those who want to ski until the beginning of June.

In other news we are excited to announce some changes heading into the 2020 season. We are happy to be expanding alongside with Lyngen Experience. In addition to professional guides with local knowledge we have more accommodation options and more capacity. If you are interested in booking a ski week, ski weekend, or some days skiing by boat we are looking forward to hearing from you.

This photo was taken at midday while on a skitour this November. Though the days are short, the arctic light is beautiful. Photo: Vegard Rye

Northern Lights over russelvfjellet. A ski week in February is the best time to combine good skiing and northern lights. Photo: Kjetil Skogli

Powder skiing on Storgalten in the end of March. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Summer skiing on Russelvfjellet. Depending on our snow year our season can last until early June. Photo: Finn Hovem

Time to book your Lyngen ski touring trip

As autumn temperatures starts to set in and our mountain tops gets their first snow we start to get ready for a new ski season in the Lyngen alps. 14th season ahead and we keep improving our concept with ski weeks from private exclusive lodging, ski by boat tours and great tours from the door step in the Northern Lyngen alps. The lyngen alps suits all levels of skiers and our professional mountain guides are locally experienced with multiple seasons in the area. Please send a mail from our contact page or directly at info@ascentdescent.com. Best regards Jimmy Halvardsson / IFMGA Mountain Guide

The Lyngen alps has something for every sier. Great fjord views, outstanding ski touring for all levels and perfect mountain sides that drop into the sea. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Our snow pack does truly last into mid May. Our season stretches from 15th February – 15th of May.

World class ski mountaineering with huge vertical drop. The Lyngen alps highest mountain is Jiehkkevarri at 1834m. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson


Jiehkkevarri 1834m

Jiehkkevarri 1834m is the roof of our county and the highest summit of the lyngen alps. We provide guided tours to the summit and you can join one of our open events or book your private guide. The views from the summit is just stunning. You will travel through rough mountain terrain on this one to get to the top glacier plateau. We provide equipment and transport from Tromsø city and you need to be prepared for a long day out. 12-15 hr and 2200 vertical metres compares to an ascent of the Mont Blanc.

From the summit of Holmbukttinden on a summer climb of the Jiehkkevarri 1834m. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Jiehkkevarri summit in the morning light. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Snow conditions will decide if we use crampons or not to be safe on the snow. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson


Learning From Legends MTB edition 31 Aug – 2 Sept

Learning from legends is back and this time with norwegian MTB legend Espen Bergli Johnsen as special guest. Espen won the 2017 80/20 National Enduro series in Norway and also won the Norwegian Downhill championships 7 times between 2001-2010. We are so stoked to finally launch an event in the summer in Nord Lenangen. This will be a great opportunity for local and visiting riders to discover the area and meet new friends. Tickets are out and we have a feeling that this will be sold out pretty fast. 8 spots available and more info is coming the next few days as we get a bit deeper into the planning… 

Read more on the event page ( http://www.ascentdescent.com/event/learning-from-legends-mtb-edition/ ) and to book you need to send a mail http://www.ascentdescent.com/contact-and-booking/.




Lyngen alps ski touring update

We are well into our 13th winter season in the lyngen alps and recent snow activity looks very promising for the coming week. Having multiple groups out skiing in on this magic peninsula every day always makes us slow on web updates at times but we do our best. Our instagram account ascentdescent_lyngen is always running a bit faster… We still have an opening for groups in the first week of May this year which is one of the best times to be up here. Also soon our summer program will be launched with summer tours to Jiehkkevarri (our highest summit) and glacier walking / boat tour combos and more. Stay tuned! (here is some pictures from 3 days ago on Arnøya)

Martino Bedont from Freeride house in Cortina drops his jaw as skies clear and the sea view below in the evening sun pops out. Here skiing back down to the boat on the magic Trolltinden on Arnøya 3 days ago. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Store Kågtinden is one of our favourite “boat peaks” and often comes in condition later in the spring. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

As we go back to the Lyngen alps the last houses of Akkarvik on Arnøya is giving a great perspective on how people still live in Northern Norway along the coast. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson



Lyngen ski week

Our 14th ski season in the Lyngen alps is just around the corner and our ski weeks is custom made for groups of friends at all ski levels. How does it work? Well, you just send a request from the contact page by mail and together we fit your group into the calendar for next season. Our groups stay in private comfortable chalets and you will have a locally experienced  professional IFMGA mountain guide. High season prime time is March, April and May up here and if planning a head there might be a slot for your group in the calendar. 

All types of terrain is the essence of the Lyngen alps. Together with your guide you plan each day according to snow conditions and group motivation. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Sea backdrop when skiing the classic Storgalten and most tours do actually guarantee a great sea view! Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson

Skiing with Ascent Descent “The Lyngen Mountain Guides” means that you have a private boat at your service when it clears. Here is a picture with the Lyngen alps as a back drop when out with the boat. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson