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After some good days skiing in Chamonix I went to Engelberg for the first guide mission of the season. It all ended with great ice hockey games, curling competition, very nice food, nice people, heavy rain, lot’s of wind, a few beers and no skiing… And it’s all because of  the big storm that we’re in the middle of.

Even though this trip did’nt end with a lot of skiing the storm is still dumping a lot of snow, really low, on our hills. This means that when this clears it’s gonna be great to be able to ski almost everywhere. The avalanche risk is at 5 above 1800 metres so easy to start with and then we can enjoy our lovely snowy mountains!

Let’s just say that it looks good for the winter:) (To see the hockey pictures please visit and become a friend on ascentdescent/facebook)



Engelberg lunch

Lunch in Hotel Bellevue, Engelberg.