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The ski touring in Lyngen is truly something special and makes people coming back, over and over again. Fantastic Couloirs, great airy summits, big faces, small faces gentle slopes, Lyngen has something for everyone. Having a sea view when skiing every day is something natural for us and very exotic. The season in the lyngen alps starts in the beginning of March and lasts until the beginning of June!

So to be sure that you get the right dates, send a request for available dates.  We plan the trip together to make sure you get the right experience. The booking has started and normaly it get’s filled up around new years.

In the beginning of the winter we are based in Chamonix so you’re more than welcome to come offpiste skiing and ski touring with us in the alps.

Ski touring in the lyngen alps

Henrik Sjöblom cruising down Fugeldalsfjellet in The Southern Lyngen Alps. Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson