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Doing this winters last guiding day yesterday with six norwegian skiers from the Oslo area. We had skied the previous 3 days in Lyngen and now it was time to visit Ulstinden on the Tromso mainland. Great peak, with a nice view over Lyngen. A bit windy yesterday but with clear sky and good snow cover. The snow was sticking pretty bad to the skis on the way down but not slowing us down to much ; ) Now it’s time to move south for a little vacation. Starting the summer season on the 20th of june. Gonna keep updating about climbs etc meanwile. Enjoy summer!

Anne-Kristine, Geir, Lis, Rickard and Kirsten checking out the water view on ulstinden..

Endre as well..
Endre and Lis, packing up on the windy summit.