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Lyngen Alps

Only a few roads are located along the coastline of the Lyngen Peninsula whereas the inland is covered with mountains and glaciers. Skiing here brings you closer to nature due its pure form. No lifts or helicopters bring us where we want to go –  only our skis and willpower. We start at the base of the mountain, climb it with our skins on and find fine lines in untouched snow back down – nearly always the coastline in sight.

The Lyngen Alps is not only scenic, it as well locates the highest mountain of the county. Jiehkkevárri with an impressive 1833m altitude is not the easiest but one of the most impressive tours in the Lyngen Alps. Due its various landscape and numerous peaks, the options for everybody are given. The peninsula is split into a Northern and Southern part by a Fjord called Kjosen where both parts are connected. 

Winters in the area are long but not too cold, considering the northern latitude. The average temperature is below freezing between November to April. Towards the end of the winter season we experience drier conditions and more sunshine due the fast increasing daylight. By the end of April, we already have an astonishing 16- hour day.


Skiing back to the lodges in Nord Lenangen Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson


Nord Lenangen

We are located in Nord Lenangen which is a small local fishing village in the Northern Lyngen alps. The mountain sides crashes in to the fjords and deliver some of the best ski touring on the planet. The skiing is easily adapted to all levels here and even beginners have plenty of terrain to choose from. Even if Nord Lenangen is our location we visit other areas of the Lyngen alps to discover different sceneries, conditions, fjord views and mountains. Our small harbor is located just 10 min walk from the lodges and here you also find our local grocery store.